Jujitsu What’s in a name?

June 21, 2011
Grand Master Gary Pointer Hapkido Yusool Jujitsu Grand Master

Grand Master Gary Pointer Hapkido Yusool Jujitsu Grand Master

Jiu Jitsu, Ju Jitsu, Ju Jutsu – What’s In A Name

My name is Gary Pointer. I would like to start this article with a brief introduction about my personal martial arts background and my humble beginnings out of the midwest in 1968. During this time period, I was blessed to receive instruction in the Japanese and Korean military disciplines.

My initial instructors in the Jiu Jitsu methods were a World War II veteran by the name of William “Bill” Troupe. He also shared with me some knowledge of the US Army Combative System being taught during WWII. I then received formal training by Vietnam era veteran Melvyn P. Brown, a recognized authority and master of the ryu, kai and do aspects of the arts. These men helped to prepare me for further involvements within the American Jujitsu community.

As my career in the martial arts advanced I became involved such gentlemen as, Leo D. Wilson of the Midori Yama Budokai and Sanuces Ryu’s founder Moses Powell. Also during that early period, I also begin training in Chungdokwan TaeKwonDo under Kyung Woo Yu, a protege’ of Duk Song Sun; who was an active KCIA operative during this time period. This is just a tid bit of my beginnings in my military arts journey that continues on to this very day with God’s divine role in my life. I hope that this short introduction gives you some confidence in my authority as it relates to writing about Jujitsu.

I would also like to share some insights, thoughts, philosophies, understandings and interpretations as it relates to what we call the military arts. In my future articles we will discuss the many benefits of learning the art of JuJitsu. For the sake of consistency I will use the most common spelling that most correctly reflects the true Japanese pronunciation of the word Jujitsu.

People often wonder about the various spellings of the world Jujitsu. Many argue at great lengths about the various meanings of these names. In fact, all of these names mean the same thing, the “Gentle Way”. The slightly different pronunciations come from the varying dialects and regional accents of Japan. While the spellings we see are simply different ways to write those varied pronunciations.

The learning process involves the knowledge of the various levels of the skill/craft:

Ryu = style, system, as in Jiu Jitsu Ryu

Kai = school, gymnasium, academy, as in JuJitsu Kai

Do = way, method, as used in Ju Jutsu Do

Te = hand or striking method, as used in Jujitsu Te

About the Author: Gary Pointer is a Grand Master in multiple disciplines of Korean and Japanese military arts. He is the co-host of the “World Martial Arts Radio Show” and the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association US Representative for the art of YuSool, (Korean Jujitsu). Grand Master Pointer is the Jujitsu Coach for the award winning “World Martial Arts Show Team” and a member of the World Grand Masters Council. You can learn more about him at http://worldmartialartsmedia.com

This article was originally published by Martial Force Magazine.